Live broadcasting, streaming events in Kyiv.

Professional online broadcast at your service!

Онлайн трансляція у інтернет

Thanks to a variety of equipment and qualified studio specialists, we can provide high-quality broadcast services of any level of complexity, aimed at solving any problems.

We will broadcast the following events:


We will organize for your conference a high-quality broadcast to several cameras at once with a clear, good sound. In online mode, we will deliver titles to all speakers, and if necessary, at the same time as a speech, we will demonstrate presentation slides.


We broadcast your statement, announcement, invitation, congratulations and just your thoughts online. We also organize a stream of lectures and a webinar for you. To fix important points of the performance, we suggest using our magnetic whiteboard. We will broadcast from TV7.production studio or at your location.


We broadcast concerts on several cameras (up to eight), which serve images from different angles. Some cameras will transmit a static image from different angles, while others will transmit a dynamic image, thanks to the free movement of operators around the scene.


We offer broadcasting a fashion show on several cameras according to the scheme above or a more budget option - on one camera. The operator controls the camera, changing plans so that viewers can consider all the interesting moments of the event.   


Транслюємо інтерв’ю одразу на декілька камер, додаючи у онлайн режимі титри, додаткові фото- та відеоматеріали. Під час трансляції в онлайні приймаємо дзвінки по скайп, zoom, тощо, організовуємо інтерактив з глядачами в чатах та месенджерах.


If you are not able to personally attend the event, conference, concert, performance, rally, etc. you are interested in, not only in Kiev, but also in another city or even country, order this to us, and our film crew will gladly do it for by providing you with a high-quality record of the event and / or stream it within the agreed period.


The equipment of the TV7.production studio allows you to organize an online broadcast for any event and from almost anywhere. Contact us and we will organize a stream specifically for your event.

Set up a stream on Facebook, YouTube or other sites. If you do not have your account or site, we can broadcast on studio accounts. Our subscribers are your potential audience! Posts Broadcasts are usually provided immediately after they are completed.

We also offer cooperation with broadcasts on a regular basis. This can be used for regular online outings on your blogs, sites, and to communicate with your audience.

When ordering a series of broadcasts, we will make a significant discount.

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