Live broadcast of the appeal to four cameras.

Order: live broadcast of the application for 4 cameras with captions. Duration - 30 minutes.

Location: restaurant in Kiev (own agreement of TV7 production studio).

The shooting team was selected with taking into account the wishes for the broadcast and budget. This is a cameraman and director.

How it happened:

1. Force majeure circumstances. The room! The customer had a force majeure event with a shooting room, which we were informed about an hour before the arrival of the film crew. Streaming would have to be postponed indefinitely until a room were found.

However, the TV7production team is not confused and quickly found an alternative thanks to a wide partner base. It was a restaurant in the city of Kiev with a pleasant interior. The owner agreed to shoot and promptly freed the room from visitors for two hours, donating their loyalty.

2. Mini-studio. The team quickly set up an exit mini-television studio. It consisted of 3 lavalier microphones (one for each streaming participant), a sound console, lighting, a computer base with all the necessary software, and, of course, 4 cameras.

Онлайн-трансляція звернення

3. Preparing for the broadcast. Briefing and credits. Before the start of the streaming, one member of the visiting team quickly collected the participants' data and produced captions for everyone (in a few minutes). Meanwhile, another member of the team put on lapel microphones for the participants and instructed how to behave in the frame. He explained how not to worry during the online broadcast. He also explained how to behave in order to start the broadcast and how to complete it.

4. Broadcast and record. There was complete silence in the hall, all outsiders left the room, and those who stayed turned off their phones. The online broadcast has begun. At this time, the director mixes the cameras and shows the credits online (except for the credits, at the request of the customer, you can show any photo and video materials). The director of photography monitors the process and, as necessary, manages the cameras, changing plans.

Режисер, виїзна міні студія для онлайн-трансляції.

5. Completion. When the final words were said in the frame, the director turned on the final screen saver, and then turned off the broadcast and recording. The process is completed! All exhaled with relief :)

After completion of the live broadcast, the customer received her full video on a flash drive for further distribution in social networks.

If you need advice on online broadcasting or want to place an order, click on the hyperlink below! 


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