Promotional videos

Promo video for the WOKA asia food

Orderto make a short promotional video for social networks in order to attract customers to the newly opened WOKA asia food.

Location: restaurant WOKA, SEC “MARK MALL”, Brovary city.

Team was chosen taking into consideration the wishes for the promo video, location, conditions (opening restaurant) and budget. This is a cameraman, scriptwriter.

The process of shooting and making a promo:

1. At a location in fast mode, in order not to interfere with the first customers, a photo was taken (more than 200 pcs.) And video was shot on two video cameras (a total of about 2 hours of material). Filmed the preparation of exotic dishes, staff and visitors who agreed to the shooting.

Предметне фото страви для WOKA asia food
Відвідувачі ресторану WOKA, які смакують суші

2. Based on the footage, a scenario plan and a certain video timing were drawn up, according to which the video was mounted.

Процес монтажу промо-ролику у програмі After effects

3. The finished promotional video was sent to the customer for approval. After that, several adjustments were made. As a result, the final version of the promo!


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