Shooting a concert in memory of V. Shportko

Order: an artistic shooting of a concert of memory of Viktor Shportko lasting 3.5 hours.

Location: MCCI (October Palace) in Kiev.

The concert was attended by Pavel Zibrov, Vitaliy and Svetlana Bilonozhko, Victor and Pavel Pavlik, Ivan Popovich, Alexey and Anastasia Shportko and many other famous Ukrainian artists who remembered incredibly sincerely and family the People's Artist of Ukraine - Viktor Shportko.

Zibrov. Павло Зібров співає на концерті пам'яті Віктора Шпортька

In order to remove and show the artists as beautifully and artistically as possible, usually several operators are needed. We decided to form a team for shooting a concert of 5 people! These are four professional operators, two of whom freely moved around the stage with a steadicam in order to “catch” the beautiful and brightest moments of the event. And the director, who comprehensively monitored the stage performance and, with the help of walkie-talkies, led the work of the operators, suggesting what, how and where to shoot.

We also used 3 more auxiliary stationary cameras for general plans and close-ups of the scene. Therefore, the shooting of the concert took place as much as 7 cameras!

Concert editing process:

1. The first step is to combine the video all seven cameras and its synchronization.

2. Then the editor professionally selects the shots taken from the most successful angle and changes them according to the rhythm and emotions of the artist on the stage.

3. The sound engineer adjusts the sound. Removes noise and all unnecessary. Thus, the sound becomes as clear as possible. At the right moments, the sound engineer adds sounds from the hall, so that singing, ovations and fruits harmoniously complement song track, conveying an unforgettable atmosphere of unity of artists and the public.

4. The entire video of the concert lends itself to color correction, since during the whole event the tone and brightness of the light changed. The task is to adjust the colors so that they convey the mood of the event, so that the viewer of the video feels the effect of presence, as if he sees everything that’s happening on his own eyes.

5. The last stage of installation - manufactured initial and final screensavers, as well as captions.

If necessary, the concert video is corrected if inaccuracies with captions on the captions or an unsuccessful shot frame are discovered.

The concert is done!

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