Online broadcast of the international conference

In September 18, 2020 we made online broadcast and recording an international conference BlockchainUA, the audience of which were specialists of the blockchain industry from Ukraine and the whole of Europe.

The broadcast of the main stage of the BlockchainUA conference

Our TV-7 production studio broadcast simultaneously in three streams of three different scenes on the customer's YouTube channel. The stream was happening continuously for more than 6 hours.

They were involved for this several editing directors and several operators.

Режисер онлайн-трансляції
Backstage, editing director
Backstage трансляції конференції BlockchainUA, оператор
Backstage, operator

Our work get a large number positive feedback. From television professionals and the demanding blockchain community:

Відгук про онлайн-трансляцію відомого блокчейн-підприємця В. Маніна
Fedback well-known in the field of blockchain entrepreneur V. Manin

Зертайтеся, зробимо трансляцію і для вас на найвищому рівні!


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