Video shooting in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine

Video recording of conferences and concerts. Clear recording and installation of promotional videos and clips.
Experienced operators

We employ only professional cameramen who know how to choose the angle for a successful shot.

Professional equipment

We use Sony Alpha 7s III cameras. Thanks to which we get the highest quality image.

Quality editing

We will edit, make color correction, add titles, music and special effects.

Video shooting in Full-HD and 4K quality

The main directions of video shooting:

Conference video recording
Video recording of concerts
Promo and report clips
Advertising video
Shooting video clips

Video recording, editing and post-production:

our specialists will process and edit the video, add music, text and necessary effects.

We create videos not only in 16:9 resolution, which is suitable for television and YouTube, but also in other formats, such as 9:16, 1:1, etc. for posting on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.

Video recording of events is the perfect way to preserve these moments. Whether it’s a large-scale event or a small conference, a large concert or a private event, professional videography can turn it into video content that you’ll be happy to share with others, with which you can spread your ideas, talents, achievements, find like-minded people or build your own community.

Professional videographers know how to capture everything important, including bright moments and spontaneous emotions of the participants.

We have quality work and a favorable price.

Contact us and we will select the team and equipment for your needs. And we will also calculate the cost of video shooting.