Trailer for the movie “Insane”. Video editing

Order: to put together a trailer for the film for screening in the cinema as soon as possible.

Requirements: A rough draft of the trailer is available, 500GB of RAW footage (~300 clips) in need of correction, and 400+ unedited and raw audio files.

Several specialists were involved in the production of the trailer for the film: one of them was engaged in editing the episodes according to the plan of the trailer, the others were engaged in selection, noise removal and sound correction (sound director) and painting the video in the desired color (colorist).

Trailer editing process:

  1. The wishes regarding the video and further independent development of the script were discussed.
  2. Creating a video canvas that included all the necessary episodes according to the customer’s wishes. Mixing video and sound.
Монтаж одного із епізодів до трейлеру

3. Reduction of the trailer to 3 minutes.
4. Work on color correction of episodes, creation of sound effects. Development of the opening and closing screensaver for the video.

Кольорокорекція, корекція кольору епізодів для трейлеру
Корекція звуку, видалення шумів, трейлер

5. Coordination of the trailer with the customer.
The client liked it, so the video did not need correction! And just a few hours later, the trailer was shown at the Cinema House before the premiere of Volodymyr Garbuz’s film “Sun over Borysfen!”